“Jesús Menchero García” Industrial Estate


The “JESÚS MENCHERO GARCÍA” Industrial Estate, located 40 km from the centre of Madrid, was created as an extension to the “ANTONIO DEL RINCÓN” Industrial Estate, having one of the best locations in Toledo.

It is located close to the municipality of Borox, which has a population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants, and there are other municipalities close by such as Aranjuez, Valdemoro, San Martín de la Vega and Getafe in the province of Madrid; and Seseña, Yeles, Esquivias and Illescas in the province of Toledo.


The excellent geographical location of this new industrial estate within the province of Toledo means that, thanks to its proximity to the Community of Madrid and its major transport routes, there are fast connections to all the important areas and municipalities in the south, an area which is currently experiencing significant financial and social development.

We can single out some of these infrastructures, as well as the average time taken to reach them:

– A-42 (Autovía de Toledo) located a 10 minutes away.
– A-4 (Autovía de Andalucía) located 3 minutes away.
– M-30 located 20 minutes away.
– M-40 located 15 minutes away.
– M-45 located 10 minutes away.
– M-50 located 8 minutes away.
– Radial R-4 (toll motorway) located 400 metres away.
– Madrid Barajas International Airport located 35 minutes away.


The “Antonio del Rincón” and “Jesús Menchero García” industrial estates are located in the place where the three most important roads in the area meet, the A-4 (Carretera de Andalucía), the CM-4001, the toll motorway R-4 and the Autovía de la Sagra.

The Autovía de la Sagra is a vitally important element of infrastructure for the province of Toledo, especially in this area which is experiencing spectacular growth.

It plays a strategic role in the communications of this corridor. This new transversal axis will connect 5 high-capacity roads, the A-5, A-42 and A4 motorways and the Toll Motorways AP-41 and R-4, which will generate new opportunities for economic development.

Thanks to their 85 kilometres, this will directly benefit 33 municipalities in Castilla la Mancha with a population of 199,443 inhabitants (2006 Census).

As can be seen on the map on the next page, the route of the motorway passes next to the Jesús Menchero Garcia-1 industrial estate, which will be perfectly visible from it, making it into a fantastic showcase for the thousands of vehicles which drive along this motorway every day.

This project also plans to place one of the exits close to the industrial estate which, if it goes ahead, will improve communications even more.


Among the most important features of its layout and design, the industrial estate has the following services:

1.-Tarmac streets and concrete pavements. 30 metre wide roads.
2.- Separate sewerage system connected to a purification plant to treat waste before its disposal.
3.- Street lighting.
4.- General supply system for water, for irrigation and fire hydrants.
5.- Electric power supply at medium and low voltage.
6.- Telephone network.

Also has about 75.000 m2 of green zones, and large plot for equipments with more than 36.000 m2